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ClearWaterDesign Iqaluit 2023 $599.00 CAD

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$599.00 CAD


ClearWaterDesign IQALUIT

paddle extra
Length: 11’8”
Width: 27”
Weight: 46 lb.
Cockpit: 50” x 18”
Capacity: 275 lb
Colour: Fire
M.S.R.P.  $898

DESCRIPTION: The IQALUIT is a very stable recreational kayak that offers a large cockpit opening.  The widest part of the kayak is behind the paddler.  It narrows quickly creating a nice sleek design.    This kayak  is perfect for a small to mid sized paddler.

- padded seat with pump up lumbar support
- adjustable footstops
- thigh pads
- minicell foam bulkhead
- 1 storage compartment
- deck rigging
- carry handles

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